Oxton Organics

Oxton Organics is a farm located in the beautiful Vale of Evesham. The farm provides Worcestershire with fresh organic vegetables through a box delivery scheme. Passionate about organic farming, ecological integrity and regenerative agriculture, Oxton Organics commissioned a rebrand to share this story as they grow into the wider market of wholesale and supplying local restaurants.

The Oxton Organics brand was designed to highlight their marriage of contemporary ecological farming techniques while maintaining the values of the more classical organic farming model. With this in mind, a house illustration style was created to explain the various complex symbiotic relations found in the ecosystem of the farm, and how these are protected and nurtured.

Branding & Visual Identity Design System Print Design Infographics

The logo depicts the farmhouse, a symbol of the farm, surrounded by orchards and wild growth. The logo was designed to work at different scales with varying degrees of simplification. A design system outlining the use of various branded design elements including the logo can be seen here.

A series of infographic illustrations were created to help explain the ecological principles held on the organic farm.