Ripe Here

Aware of the damage to the climate caused by importing food, paired with uncertainty on post-Brexit EU tariff prices, we wanted to create a tool for people across the UK to discover what is ripe here, right now.

In collaboration with artist Holly Maguire, we set out to visually display the vegetables that are available seasonly in the UK. This self initiated website was created out of a desire to have a quick and easy reference for the produce that is currently in season monthly. The website was designed and developed to automatically show only the fruit and vegetables available locally that month.

Branding & Visual Identity UI Design Web design Web Development Print Design

A visual identity was based on the ubiquitous and classic fruit stickers.

We also created a couple of A2 prints with all the fruit and vegetable illustrations and graphic information below each item to outline the monthly. These prints can be purchased from Holly Maguire's webite.